MK66 – MK100 8″ Special Edition Electroplated Cake Rig

MK66 – MK100 8″ Special Edition Electroplated Cake Rig

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Everyday your Birthday with the  Limited Edition Electroplated Blue Cake Rig from MK100 Glass! This beautiful waterpipe stands 9-inches and supports several high end features. Best of all you get to light the candle!

The layers are the glass blower’s icing that holds the beautiful Layer Cake Fixed Matrix Bong together, so they are the most noticeable things about this piece. Each ring gilds gentle color highlights at every layer as well as the 4-inch fat can base and up at the flat mouthpiece.

The bent neck water pipe has a large matrix perc nested inside the water chamber for extreme diffusion. It cools and condenses smoke for smoother, cooler rips. But, with a bent-neck, that awesome agitation will never splash your mouth.

The Layer Cake Matrix Rig comes with a matching, color highlighted, wide flare herb bowl.

 Inches: 9″ | Thickness: 5mm | Colors: Electroplated Blue and Electroplated Pink

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MK100 8″ Special Edition Cake Rig


Blue, Pink

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