MK115-7″ MK100 Flower Marble Rig

MK115-7″ MK100 Flower Marble Rig

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  • Inches: 7″
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Aqua, Yellow, and Orange


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This Flower Marble rig featuring a shower head perc with colored dots will give you the most refreshing rips any time of day. With a blue marble flower pendant in the middle you will be able to see each detail of the flower. The piece is one solid color the whole way through that  gives it a sleek and polished look to it. Not only will the detail of the flower amaze you , but the bowl is also a beautiful addition. Matching the color of the rig the ribboned horn bowl matches the piece incredibly!! Pick your choice of color and you’re all set to have the best rips guaranteed.

Inches: 7″ | Thickness: 5 mm  | Colors: Red, Blue, Aqua, Yellow, and Orange



Aqua, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange

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