MK1 – 10″ MK100 7MM 3X Perc with Screen Horn Bowl

MK1 – 10″ MK100 7MM 3X Perc with Screen Horn Bowl

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  • Inches: 10″
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Colors: Red, Aqua, Yellow, Green , and  Orange
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Smoking just got 3X as fun! With three different percs this straight shooter will elevate any smoking session. Starting at the bottom you have a honeycomb percolator that will allow your smoke to be cleaner. It will also deliver a cooler smoke since more water will come in contact with it. At the second base you will get a turbine percolator. This perc will give you a show while smoking since it will cause a whirlpool effect with the water that is in your water pipe. Not only will you get a refreshing hit but you will also get an entertaining whirlpool effect. Right at the top of the straight shooter is a splash guard perc. This perc will keep you safe from getting a splash of water to your face. This fabulous 3x perc also comes with a ribbon screen horn bowl. Adorned at the top is the classic MK100 logo that adds a one of a kind touch to the straight shooter.


Inches: 10″ | Thickness: 5 mm  | Colors: Red, Aqua, Yellow, Green , and  Orange


Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Aqua

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